PYO Fruit

There is nothing quite like the taste of freshly picked strawberries.

We think that our fruit tastes best when it's fresh off the plant and warm from the sun; we'd love you to come down to Belhaven Fruit Farm and see just how tasty fresh fruit can be!

How it works

It's easy, come along and see the team at Belhaven and we will give you a basket and show you where to pick the best fruit. You pick it, weigh it and pay for what you pick.


2017 Season


Jack has been tidying up the fruit farm and looking after the over wintered strawberries in the last few weeks.  I still can't believe strawberry plants grow in our cold, wet winters!

Look out for the strawberry tunnels going up soon...

PYO Belhaven Fruit Farm pic
PYO Belhaven Fruit Farm pic