Ice Delight

Fat-Free, Dairy-Free, and Full of Fruit!

New from Belhaven Fruit Farm, IceDelight is everything you wish ice-cream could be and more. We've blended our home-grown Scottish fruit with an authentic Italian recipe to create a unique, luxuriously creamy dessert as healthy and tasty as real fruit.

The IceDelight story began back in 2007, when a spectacular summer left us with bumper crops of fruit. We froze some of the berries and later, during the quiet winter months, we set out to produce something new and unique with this surplus. We knew we wanted to make an iced dessert, and that we wanted it to be luxurious and creamy, so we set off to Tuscany where Italian ice-cream-makers taught us the secrets of their craft. We returned home full of new ideas, and during the next few months experimented with thick dairy ice-cream, pure fruit sorbets, and everything in between. Our goal was simple; to make a delicious frozen dessert crammed with as much Belhaven Fruit as possible.

Our plan succeeded, and we came up with an outstanding new product that we called Fruit Ice. Amazingly, Fruit Ice was tastier than all the other ice-creams we had tried, and while other traditional recipes relied on dairy products, Fruit Ice was simply based on fresh fruit blended to an authentic Italian recipe and churned to give a rich creamy texture. Where other ice-creams struggled with high calorie and fat contents, we had created a fat-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free dessert with spectacular fruity flavour and none of the guilt!

In the following three years we perfected our recipe and in 2010 we launched our new brand; 'IceDelight', the fruity, fat-free iced dessert. Once word got out about this exciting new product, researchers from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh asked us if they could study the health benefits to be had from eating IceDelight. The results were startling - the product kept all the vitamin and antioxidant properties of the real fruit and could even be counted as one of your 'five-a-day'.

Now available in farm-shops and delicatessens throughout Scotland, IceDelight comes in five delicious flavours: raspberry, strawberry, blackcurrant, lemon and gooseberry & elderflower. Whatever your favourite, each serving has less than 90 calories.

Where can I buy IceDelight?

Find us at a farm shop or deli near you, click here for a full list.

Delightful smoothies

Combine IceDelight with a few simple ingredients to make the perfect thirst-quenching smoothie

Why Ice Delight?

While we're sure you'll be more than happy to eat IceDelight straight from the tub, the delicious fruity taste will also bring out the best in any dessert.

As a healthy, guilt-free treat, all of our IceDelight flavours taste great served with fresh fruit salad. Meringues are yummy fat-free accompaniment to this simple but delicious dish.

IceDelight Sundaes are the perfect treat for any occasion. Use fresh berries and fruit coulis for a delicious fat-free, dairy-free, and gluten free dessert for all tastes and diets.

Or if you're feeling especially indulgent:

  • Try our velvety Blackcurrant IceDelight with hot apple crumble.
  • Our rich, refreshing Raspberry IceDelight is perfect served with dark chocolate cheesecake, or as part of our traditional Scottish cranachan.
  • Our juicy, fresh Strawberry IceDelight is perfect with white chocolate brownies straight from the oven.

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Ice Delight